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The Monkey King 2 Torrent

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Reviewed by jasonlock-11608 7 / 10 / 10 Fun fantasy adventureI really enjoyed it, it was a fun action fantasy romp, and I love the various Journey to the West stories. I didn't see the first Monkey King, it had such poor reviews so I didn't bother. Anyway, Monkey King 2 completely feels like its' own entity, it is a different story from the book and the Monkey King origin story has been told many times before.Aaron Kwok is a delight to watch. I can't say how he compared to Donnie Yen but he's so lovable.

It's FUN, often funny. Gong Li is very hammy, and couldn't chew the scenery more, but it's within the tone of the film.

It really is a riveting family adventure from start to finishIt contains the usual overabundance of CG which all these Chinese blockbusters have, but the quality isn't awful this time! Much better than some of the video-game level effects I've seen recently in others. There is a lot of practical wire-work amidst the wash of particle effects and glowy things.

Most importantly, the charisma of the stars shines through it.I saw this on a trip to China, I don't know if it received, or will receive a release in the West, but it should. It will probably turn up in the Netflix graveyard at some point. It's better than most cookie- cutter American fantasy blockbusters, with, of course due to the nature of the source text, much better lessons and values sitting underneath the action than 'yet another Hero's Journey story' as Hollywood pumps out again and again. Reviewed by tdevil9 6 / 10 / 10 Much much better than the first movieI wasn't expecting a sequel after watching the disappointing first film that was 2 years behind the original scheduled release. Despite the plethora of well-known actors/actresses, it turned out to be a huge disappointment due to the deviation from the original story.

The Monkey King 2 Movie

Chow Yun Fat was the most miscast actor when he was chosen to play the Jade Emperor:(I'm glad to say that this sequel is much better than the first movie in every aspect. The script focuses mainly on Sun Wukong and the Bone Demoness. The monk is left to look like a bumbling idiot. He looks and acts like the same role in the Stephen Chow's Journey to the West.

Aaron Kwok's portrayal of Sun Wukong is much less flamboyant than Donnie Yen's portrayal - and for that, I am glad.The special effects are very well done, which is a relief considering the disaster in the first movie. If I hadn't watched Iron Man or Harry Potter before, I would be even more impressed with some of the effects in the final battle scene.Gong Li visual presence was, for me, the epitome of womanhood:). Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10 / 10 Mostly visually amazing, but not as into the story as I hopedI know the Monkey King is a huge thing in China. I herd about it before and have see the American adaption, the Forbidden Kingdom, with Jet Li as the Monkey king.This movie was visually bad ass. I loved the design of the title character.

All the CGI actually worked to make the movie feel very big and very epic. It makes me wish it was released in IMAX here in the States, not just in 3D. The final battle in the movie was mind blowing.But I just did not get into the tale of the Monkey King. I don't know why this story is so popular and the movie did nothing to change this thought.

It was suppose to be funny in certain places, but I did not get it and it just seem that a lot of things were happen just to produce a cool special effect for it, not to drive any story.It was fun to look at but not the most compelling story, speaking as someone unfamiliar with the story being told.