The Witcher 3 Lock On

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Even though The Witcher 3 has been out for about three years now, there are still some questions that have never been answered properly. While playing a secondary quest from Keira Metz called A Towerful of Mice last night, I encountered one. There is a locked door on the first floor of the tower and, after an extensive search, I couldn’t find the key. The internet did nothing to properly explain what was going on, but I eventually stumbled on the answer. Towerful of Mice Locked DoorThe Locked Door. TL;DR Games.

The witcher 3 lock on systemThe Witcher 3 Lock On

Fair UseWhen you enter the first floor of the tower there will be a locked door. Any locked door in The Witcher 3 immediately sends players on a hunt for the key, and that’s what I did as well. I went through the entire quest trying to find this key, but it was nowhere to be found. The reason for that is that there is no key to this locked door. At least, there doesn’t appear to be, nor does the door need one.Fyke Isle Map. TL;DR Games.

The Witcher 3 Lock On System

Fair UseIf you exit the tower and go around to the side, you’ll find some stairs. Those stairs lead to a locked door as well. It’s the same door.

Witcher 3 Vizima Secret

You can’t open it, but you don’t need to. There is, quite literally, nothing on the other side of the door that would require you to open it. Even if there was, you could just go outside and access the area from there. The Same Locked Door. TL;DR Games.

The Witcher 3 Lock On

The Witcher 3 Lock On

Fair UseI’ll admit that I was a little embarrassed that I went to the internet before doing the proper exploring myself. I mean, I scoured the tower for the key, but it never occurred to me that the door would just lead to the outside. What’s the purpose of that? We have a door that leads outside and it opens.That’s it for the locked door during the Towerful of Mice quest on Fyke Isle. For more help making sure that Geralt doesn’t make a fool of himself on his travels, be sure to check out all our content for.