Thinning Testors Enamel Paint

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ThinningThinning Testors Enamel Paint

Testors Lacquer Thinner

Gold movie torrent. Personally, I find I do not qet quite as good a results using mineral spirits as I do with the actual Testors airbrush thinner. I buy it in the half-pint cans and use it only for thinning.

I do use mineral spirits for cleanup, including the airbrush.As a starting point I thin paint about half and half, maybe just a bit shy of that for brand new bottles, increasing thinner as paint thickens with age. I use 15 psi for gloss finishes, 20 for flat.I find mineral spirits work for thinning- the paint sprays okay. It is just that I get a smoother, more attractive finish with the Testors thinner.I love the Testors enamel- lots of colors available, I can get it at any hobby shop and many craft stores. It dries slow enough I can relax when airbrushing without worrying about immediate cleanup of the airbrush. I seldom use any other paint.

I also use enamel paints on my kits from time to time, and there are several things you need to know when painting/aibrushing with enamels.1) They have a very long curing time.