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The five Vampire Counts Bloodlines are the Blood Dragons, the Lahmians, the Necrarchs, the Strigoi, and the Von Carsteins. For those fans who aren’t familiar with the old lore, the Von Carstein name should still be familiar; as the most powerful bloodline in the Old World, three of the Von Carstein family members appear as Legendary Lords already for the Vampire Counts faction.

Total War Warhammer 2 Blood Kiss

However, players will now be able to awaken ancient vampires known as Arch-Lords from all five of these bloodlines; up to three from each one, in fact. Each of the Arch-Lords has a unique skill tree themed around their bloodline. They also provide faction-wide bonuses and effects. However, awakening them isn’t easy.

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Total War Warhammer 2 Blood

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To awaken one, you must pay a cost in “Blood Kisses,” a new resource. You can gain Blood Kisses by vassalising another faction, killing an enemy leader, or wounding/assassinating a character with a Hero action. Additionally, some Vampire Counts Legendary Lords. Note that each time you awaken an Arch-Lord, the cost of awakening another increases.