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As you know Antivirus software is the major way to prevent and remove computer virus, but this time we’re talking about a new kind of shortcut virus that was undetectable by many Antivirus programs. When it comes to your storage device (e.g., Computer Hard drive, USB Drive, SD Card), converts all files to the shortcut link. So when you click on those shortcuts the file may not open instead a malicious program will execute on your computer.If the data on your USB storage and computer drive goes invisible, you can use the below command prompt method to visible the data.About the shortcut virus problem, first of all I got mad, not be removed by antivirus programs. When I try to scan the infected storage with an Antivirus, it shows ‘No Threat Detected’. If the USB flash drive / SD Card didn’t contain any important data, you can connect it to a different computer and format to remove the virus, else follow the below command prompt method. What is the source of shortcut virus?I can not tell you the exact origin of this virus, but I have to say that you should be safe on the Internet and third-party unknown software applications should not be installed if there is no paid antivirus program on your computer. Can not keep your computer safe with the latest threats, so I advise you to use a paid and genuine antivirus software.If a computer has a shortcut virus, then all USB storage will be infected when connected to that computer.

Remove shortcut virus from a USB flash drive, SD card etc.I have written various methods to remove this virus from USB flash drive, SD card and Windows computer. For secondary storage devices, I recommend you to use the command prompt method.

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