What Happened To Darkscape

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What Happened To Darkscape

Contents Overview. This is a new area added to the map. The mines Has 2 entrances:. One inside the railway tunnel at the middle-right.

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The other to the south west (near the exit ).Storyline First Visit (after Dark Valley): Find the entrance to the mines:. After escaping the attack outside, the player progresses down the long train tunnel until a hole (on the left hand side) is reached. Go inside and continue forward and down inside.Go deeper into the mines:. The player continues on into the darkness till a large area with some lockers and a campfire is reached. Once the player enters a short ways into this room, they will be knocked out by an unknown assailant and wake right in the heart of base of operations.“Wh-What happened?

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Why did you you hit me on the head?- Strelok to Veles upon first meeting”. After the player wakes up, they will be confronted by Veles, the leader of Sin. He tells the player about the area, how Sin are ex prisoners turned test experiments and there subsequent escape from a lab (destroyed) underneath the map. He eventually asks the player to find certain documents pertaining to the experiments that were done inside the Zone, in an attempt to either slow or stop the Sin faction's mutations.