When Does Doki Doki Literature Club End

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ANNOUNCEMENTHappy Pride Month! Rest In Peace, Etika.AboutDoki Doki Literature Club is a free visual novel developed by Team Salvato. Join the Literature Club to enjoy fun activities and chat with all of its members!Spoiler TagsTagging DDLC spoilers is not required, but be considerate to new players. Tagging spoilers for DDLC mods is required.To spoiler tag posts, click the ' spoiler' button below the post after submitting it.To spoiler tag comments: (/s 'spoiler goes here')(This does not work in titles. The quotes are required.)Result:You can also use Visible text(/s 'spoiler goes here'), resulting in Active ThreadsLinks. (contains spoilers, back to the classic one).

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When Does Doki Doki Literature Club End

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Doki Doki Literature club is about a guy who decides to join his school’s literature club after being tricked into joining it by his childhood friend, Sayori. There you meet the quiet Yuri, the Tsundere Natsuki, and the club president Monika. Just like in any other game of this sort, you can choose to romance one of these girls by spending time with them. Pretty standard. SayoriThe way that you ultimately end up doing this is by writing poems by selecting words that you think they would enjoy. So if you wanted to romance Yuri, for example, you would pick intellectual type words. This is a pretty interesting way to do things since it forces you to pay attention to the dialog and personalities that each character provides.

It is somewhat disappointing, however, because you never get to know what your poem actually says. That being said, you do get to read everybody else’s poems so that is pretty cool. Yuri NatsukiFor my first play through I decided that Ș̴̟̇̽̿̈́̈̆̇̌̃̚͘̕͠a̴͖͓̦̖̍͑͐͋̃͘y̵͕̼̩̯̱̳̰̩̙̳͇̾̅̑̓̾̊̈́̀̾͒̚͠o̸̢̥͈̥̖̠͛̊̒͑̈̽͒͆̅̃̋͠ŗ̸̖͍͉̖̝̝͎̘̮͛̎́̅͑̃̈́̄̾͋̓͌͝͠͠į̸͉̼̩̮͍̓̉͜ was a bit too obvious of a choice. Normally the childhood friend route is pretty easy and not all that interesting.

After initially meeting the girls I thought Ÿ̶̡̝͙̞͔̪̻̺̟́̄̆̈́̊̆͘͜͠͝͝ṷ̶̝̬̩͇͉̞̓̍̇̽̓̚r̷̔̆́̋͊ͅi̵̞̔͋ was definitely going to be who I wanted to go for. However, I ultimately ended up changing my mind and decided to go for N̵̨̮̬̳̹͕̭̆̃̔̋͌͒͝͝͝ȃ̷̢͕̮͈͓̰̭́́̃̀̈́̔̉͗̽̾̄͘ţ̸̞͉̺̺̎̈́̀͂͠͠ṣ̸̼͂̀̾̽̃̇̀̎́͗ư̵̧̖̟͚̖̝̜͑́͗̅͛̅̕͜ķ̴̰̬̹̪̄̇̏̍̍͝i̴̧̨͉̮̳͌͊́̕͠. I thought about going for Monika but decided not to because she was clearly the most difficult character to win over as she is the most popular girl in school.Any way, the game is pretty forgiving if you decide to change your mind early in. You might miss out on a CG for a specific character if you don’t manage your saves properly but you get so many slots that it shouldn’t really ever become a problem.I suggest sticking to one girl as best as possible though.

The worst thing you can do is leave one of them hanging in a game such as this, especially if you are going for the true ending. Since you can save and load very easily, you should proceed confidently through the full route of whatever girl suits your taste most.To be perfectly frank, the game is pretty slow to start. The dialog is stiff, and depending on how you decided to initially play, some dialog is just creepy (even in context). It’s not really a bad thing, I mean Doki Doki Literature Club is a free game after all, but it will be a bit of a hurdle for some people. I still encourage that you push through it as I promise it does improve given time.


MonikaThere is a new game + mode, which is somewhat unexpected. This is a MUST if you decide to play this game. Trust me when I say that not playing everything out all the way to the end would be a huge mistake.

When Does Doki Doki Literature Club End Theme

While technically you do have to play through the game twice, there are a lot of differences that make the whole experience well worth while.The game isn’t even that long. It may be shocking, but this is not a game that is going to take 100’s, or even 10’s of hours to complete like most VN’s. Instead, you can do everything in well under ten hours.