Windows 10 Mail Out Of Date

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I really wanted to like Windows 10’s Mail app. I always thought Outlook was overkill for me, so when Windows 10 was in development, I closely tracked how its mail client was coming along.

It turns out that Windows Mail is unusable, and instead of improving it, Microsoft is looking to drive users away.Microsoft started in last month. This week, the company started right at the bottom of the app. But even these poor decisions are just extra nails in the coffin.I have always preferred desktop email clients to web email. I like having all my emails available offline by default, I prefer managing emails in windows, and I like leaving emails open in a constant to-do list style.After getting frustrated with Outlook 2017’s instabilities, I thought to myself — why not switch to Windows Mail? Surely a basic email client is enough to cover my needs.I was horribly mistaken.Windows Mail has difficulty sending and receiving email.

Windows 10 Mail Out Of Date

No, I’m not exaggerating for effect.If you have an email open and Windows Mail detects that a new email has hit your inbox, you’ll get a notification. Standard stuff.

If, however, you then click on said notification, Windows Mail will take you to the open email message, rather than the one that you just clicked on. That’s half of the time. The other half of the time this happens, Windows Mail will crash altogether.Apparently having one email open and trying to open another one that just came in is overwhelming for Windows Mail. But that’s not the end of it.Windows Mail is also notorious for not sending emails. Multiple times a week, I open an email, hit reply, type out a quick message, hit send, and alt-tab back to Chrome or Word. Any normal email client will send the message despite the app not being the active window.With Windows Mail, countless times I have wondered why I never got heard back to a specific reply, only to discover hours later, and completely by accident, that the message is still a draft. It’s not even sitting in my outbox — it’s just a fucking draft.I end up debating whether to send the email hours late, or if it doesn’t make sense to send it anymore.

That’s not a decision I should have to make.There are of course small features I would like to see added to Windows Mail, like being able to set formatted signatures (as opposed to just plain text), but that’s hardly a priority. Windows Mail is unusable, which means Windows 10 doesn’t come with an email client. That’s incredibly sad.Oh, and by the way, when it crashes, all my open windows crash too. It does not recover to the previous state like other Windows apps.You would think fixing basic functionality like this would be a priority.

But no, apparently driving Edge and Office 365 adoption are more important.My insistence to use a desktop email client when web email has come so far over the years is probably a bit stubborn. But I like being able to track what still needs to be addressed by opening messages in separate windows. It’s a workflow that works for me — some emails stay open for just a day, while others take weeks before they are closed.But Microsoft’s lack of attention to quality is too painful. I gave up on Windows 10 Mail a few months ago, and these latest developments are cementing my desire to never try it again.There are plenty of desktop email clients for Windows, but Microsoft’s used to be the gold standard. It’s just unfortunate that you have to pay for Office 365 to get something actually usable, and even then Outlook is a whole ‘nother story.Maybe will improve Outlook, maybe it won’t. But this waiting game just means the desktop email holdouts like myself will give up and join the rest of the world in switching to web email. And we all know who the market leader is there.Hint: It’s not a column in which Emil rants about whatever crosses him that week.

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RECOMMENDED:The Mail app that we see in Windows 10 was first introduced with Windows 8. The Mail app has been revamped in Windows 10 to include a better interface and new set of features. Like other third-party mail clients out there for Windows, the Mail app also supports adding email accounts from other webmail services like Gmail and.Although most users are happily using the without any major issues, there are users who are having variety of issues with the Mail app. Sync issue is just one of them.It looks like for many users, the Mail app doesn’t sync automatically and for some users, it doesn’t sync even after clicking the sync icon. For a small number of users, it shows Up to date as sync status but doesn’t sync new emails.If the Mail app on Windows 10 is not syncing properly, you can try out one of the fixes given below to resolve the sync issue. Fix 1 of 4 Run the official troubleshooterWhile the troubleshooter is not specific to Mail app, it’s designed to troubleshoot and fix issues with Store apps. Hence, we recommend this official Store Apps Troubleshooter before proceeding further.

How To Fix Windows 10 Mail Out Of Date

Visit this page to, run it, and then follow easy on-screen instructions.Fix 2 of 4 Check Mail app sync settingsCheck the sync settings for the Mail app is configured correctly. If the Mail app is not syncing latest emails or emails from the past month, it could likely because of the way sync settings configured.Here is how to open and change Mail app sync settings.Step 1: Open Mail app. Click Settings icon to reveal the Settings pane, click Accounts, and then click on the account name that has sync issues.Step 2: Click Change mailbox sync settings.

Under Download new content, select as items arrive or every 15 minutes from the drop-down box.Step 3: Under Download email from section, select either last month or any time depending on your needs. Make sure that, under Sync options (as you can see in the picture below), Email and Calendar are turned on.

Click Done button and then click Save to save new settings.Step 4: Close the Mail app and launch it again.Fix 3 of 4 Check if Mail app can access CalendarThe Mail app doesn’t sync your calendar if it’s not allowed to do so. There is a provision under Settings app to block apps from accessing your calendar. You can check this by opening Settings Clicking Privacy and then clicking Calendar.Make sure that Let apps access my Calendar is turned on. Also, under Choose apps that can access calendar, make sure that the option next to Mail and Calendar is turned on.Fix 4 of 4 Reinstall the Mail appIf the sync issue persists even after trying out above mentioned methods, simply reinstall the Mail app. Reinstalling the Mail app is relatively easy and can be done in less than five minutes.

Since there is already a detailed guide on that, we request you head over to our guide for step-by-step instructions.After reinstalling the Mail app, you might need to add your email account(s) all over again. I had this issue after installing the Windows Mail App on my Android phone. Somehow due to the way MS wants to sync data across all Windows devices it changed the setting on my desktop without my knowledge. I’m not using the mail app anymore!I’m having sync problems with my mailbox since Windows 8. = The app sometimes showed emails that were long gone.This problem was still there in Win 8.1.And it is even there in Windows 10!!!I don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t solve this problem. It can’t be that hard to make a mailbox look exactely the same in the app as in the real mailbox?Today I witnessed another computer with Windows 10. The user claimed to have sent an email (with the app) a couple of days ago but it wasn’t in the sent items folder.

I resynced several times but it didn’t show the email. When he opened his mailbox via the webmail however the email was clearly there in the sent items folder.This is unbelievable and very dangerous also.