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This is a guest post from at Barn2 Media.Since over 44% of all e-commerce sites use WooCommerce, this is a neat way to increase conversions on a big proportion of e-commerce sites. Change mouse to left handed on mac. (And if you’re not using WooCommerce, skip to the end of this article for tips on creating a rapid order form for other WordPress e-commerce plugins.)The plugin we’re going to use to create a rapid order form for WooCommerce is called. This is the flagship plugin from UK WordPress company Barn2 Media.

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I’m going to explain why it’s a good plugin to create a WooCommerce quick order form. I’ll also tell you how to set it up, step-by-step.Let’s do it! What is WooCommerce Product Table?is a rapid order for WooCommerce plugin that works by listing products in an instant one-page order form. It’s incredibly flexible because you can choose which columns of data to display in the order form, as well as how customers can choose options and add to thecart. You can even add two types of filters and choose how the order form behaves on mobiles and other devices.The plugin is hugely popular for creating a.

This is because it puts everything on a single page, ideal for quick ordering. Customers simply need to tick the products they want, click a single ‘Add Selected to Cart’ button and place their order via WooCommerce. This is much quicker than the traditional method of viewing products in the standard shop page or category layout, clicking through to the single product page and choosing each product individually.How to set up a rapid order for WooCommerce order form. Install WooCommerce Product Table.

Woocommerce Addons Quck Order

Enter your license key and choose your product table options on the plugin settingspage. Go to the page where you want to create a rapid order form. Click the toolbar button called ‘Insert Product Table’. You’ll see a producttableshortcode appear in your page content. Save the page and check out your brand WooCommerce quick order form!Tips on creating the perfect WooCommerce quick order formSo far, you’ve learned how to use WooCommerce Product Table to create a rapid order formlisting all your products.

Next, I’ll talk you through some settings to make the ordering processeven more rapid.Create a quicker order process with add to cart checkboxesThe WooCommerce Product Table rapid order form plugin comes with 3 options for displaying add to cart buttons. Choose between normal buttons, multi-select checkboxes, or both.We highly recommend using the multi-select check boxes in a WooCommerce order form. Thismakes the order process more rapid because customers can tick the products they require andclick an ‘Add Selected to Cart’ button at the top and/or bottom of the quick order form. That’smuch faster than clicking a separate Add to Cart button for each product. Choose your order form data carefullyWooCommerce Product Table supports all the standard product data, plus extra data such asand taxonomies. Each piece of data appears as a separate column in the rapid order form.

Look at the available columns, and choose themwisely!You want customers to be able to make buying decisions and buy directly from the quick orderform. This means that the order form must contain all the information they need. It’s fine toinclude links to the single product page if you want, but ideally customers can buy withouthaving to click elsewhere. After all – the fewer clicks it takes to place an order, the more ordersyou’ll get!Think about what data will inspire customers to buy products directly from the rapid order formpage.

Add this as columns in the product table. As a minimum, you’ll want to include the productname and price. The rest is up to you! Add product options, add-ons and variations to the rapid order formOne of the main problems with the standard WooCommerce store layout is that you can onlychoose variations and other options from the single product page.

With a rapid order form,customers can select variations – and even options from the official Product Add-Ons plugin –without having to click elsewhere.WooCommerce Product Table has options to show dropdown lists for variable products, or youcan list each variation on its own row in the rapid order form. Choose whichever option willmake the ordering process more quick for your customers. Help customers to find products more quicklyBy default, your WooCommerce rapid order form will have a keyword search box at the top.Customers can also click on any column to sort the product list view.Add filters to make it even quicker for customers to find products. WooCommerce Product Tablecomes with 2 types of product filter:. Dropdown list filters above the quick order form.

Filter widgets for the left or right sidebar.Use one of these, or both together. Customers will be able to find products much faster, helpingto reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. Other ways to enable rapid orders in WooCommerceCreating a rapid order form for WooCommerce is only the first step. Use these tip tips to makethe ordering process even quicker for your customers:. Show the ‘WooCommerce Cart’ widget in a sidebar on your rapid order form page.Customers can instantly see the contents of their cart without having to access the cart page. Use the option in WooCommerce Product Table to show a ‘Checkout’ button next tothe ‘Add Selected to Cart’ button.

This lets customers skip the cart entirely. Install the free plugin and automatically forward thecart page to the checkout. This prevents customers from accessing the cart page at all,removing a step from the rapid order process. If you wish to use the cart, activate the WooCommerce setting to automaticallydirect customers to the cart after they add products. You might decide to include a button and checkbox in the WooCommerce rapidorder form. This is a nice happy medium because it gives customers a choice of how to addproducts to the cart.

If you feel that the wording ‘Add to Cart’ is too long for a quick order form,use the free plugin to replace it with a simple icon.How to create a rapid order form for other WordPress e-commerce pluginsAs you’ve probably gathered, WooCommerce Product Table only works on WooCommercestores. It’s all in the name!However, the company behind the plugin have developed another plugin – – for creating a rapid order form for all other WordPress e-commerce plugins. Like WooCommerce Product Table, it works by listing e-commerce products in a table layout. Again, you can choose which columns to include in the order form and – depending on your e-commerce plugin – include add to cart buttons.For example, Barn2 Media have published a tutorial on.

You can do the same for any WordPress e-commerce plugin. Wrapping upAs you can see, WooCommerce Product Table (or Posts Table Pro if you’re using a different e-commerce plugin) is a fantastic way to increase your sales. By enabling rapid order for WooCommerce via a quick order form, customers can choose products and add to the cart more quickly.Set up the rapid order plugin on your WooCommerce site, and watch your products appearautomatically. Update products or prices, and you’ll instantly see the changes in the quick orderform.

Woocommerce Addons Quck Order Form

There’s no manual data entry or duplication.Combine the rapid order form plugin with the other tips in this article to speed up the buyingprocess and bring your WooCommerce store to new levels of success.