Wood Elf Eternal Guard

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  1. Wood Elf Eternal Guard Deck

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Wood Elf Eternal Guard Deck

The Eternal Guard statline is fairly straight forward for an Elite infantry choice. They have a Movement, Weapon Skill andInitiative of 5 so they are fast and quick and will be hitting most foes on 3’s.

They have a Strength and Toughness of 3 whichis standard for most elves, it is not the most ideal toughness for a rank andfile model but these are elves after all. They sport one attack (before factoring in the spear-staves) and haveone wound but have a Leadership of 9 so right off the bad they are rather easyto take LD tests with.

The unit is ableto rank up and take a full command which also provides them with the opportunityto use a magical standard. Synergy:You will want to have a Highborn with a Rhymer’s Harp, Eternal Guard Kindredand the Annoyance of Netlings in this unit.

That will provide the unit with the ability to negate other enemycharacters from wrecking the unit and will require that they Highborn is hit on6’s in a duel. This also will providethe unit with a 5+ ward save and Stubborn. You will also want to augment the unit with either Wyssan’s Wildform or Fleshto Stone in order to increase the unit’s offensive and defensivecapabilities. Hybrids – thisis actually the configuration I use the most in my own army lists. When fielded in this fashion, you will haveroughly 18-25 Eternal Guards with a full command and the Battle Standard Bearerand the Spellweaver in the unit.

The purposeof this configuration is to provide a unit that is both offensive and defensiveand provides a reasonably safe bunker for the Spellweaver. This configuration excels at being the hammeror the anvil. You are able to moveforward and engage the enemy while augmenting and assisting other units in thearmy. This runs 246 – 330ish points plus characters. Synergy:This configuration requires themost thought and synergy, not to mention finesse.

Wood Elf Eternal Guard

You will need to put the glittering scalesand Annoyance of Netlings on your Battle Standard Bearer and then the Rhymer’sHarp on the Spellweaver (also the Luminescence Sprite if you have the spare 25pts so the unit has Magical Attacks). You will always declare challenges or accept challenges with the BSB sothat your opponent needs 6’s to hit but then you have a 5+ ward save to fendoff their attacks, otherwise most opponents will need a 5 to hit against yourBSB due to the Glittering Scales. TheRhymer’s Harp provides the unit with the 5+ ward save and then the Lore of Lifespell Flesh to Stone boostedwith Throneof Vines will make this unit near impossible to destroy. The Lore of Beasts is not the most optimalchoice in this situation since you would need three spells: Wyssan’sWildform, Savage Beast of Horros and Pann’s Pelt to really takeadvantage of your BSB and Spellweaver while minimally augmenting your rank andfile. This unit configuration works bestwhen paired with a unit of Treekin to serve as the hammer.

– Ofall the configurations, this is the most expensive and yet entertainingdeployment. This configuration is set upfor pure offense and nothing else. Youwill need to field around 40-50 Eternal Guard in a horde formation. This configuration also requires a BattleStandard Bearer, a Highborn and a Spellweaver to be in the unit as well.

This unit marches forward and attackseverything in its path. If the attackinggeneral quotes Braveheart as he declares charges then the dice rolls will beobviously better. This configurationruns 510-640ish points plus characters.

Synergy:This is the most entertaining andexpensive combination but the results are generally fun. You need to have the Razor Standard on theunit’s Standard Bearer giving all attacks Armor Piercing. The Highborn will need to be given theAnnoyance of Netlings, the Other Trickster’s Shard and the Spirit Sword.

If he is to square off against anyone in aduel then they will need 6’s to hit him. Should they not accept the duel, then the Spirit Sword will be able to wreakhavoc on the unit.

The Spellweaver willneed to be equipped with the Lore of Beasts and the Rhymer’s Harp. She will need to cast on the unit Wyssan’sWildform, Savage Beast of Horros and Pann’s Pelt in order to providethe unit +1 S/T while granting the characters +4 S/+4 T and +3 attacks. Finally, the Battle Standard Bearer will needto have the Terrifying Mask of EEK! And the Glittering Scales to provide theunit with Terror and make him harder to be hit. If you are able to properly get off all these spells and equip yourcharacters in this fashion, you will be able to cut through just about anythingsince the Eternal Guard will get to attack with 4 ranks which will unload 44attacks + 17 character attacks and the lowest initiative will be 5. As you are able to see,the Eternal Guard is a very versatile unit but require an investment incharacters and equipment to reach the optimal results.

The Wood Elf player needs to not only augmentthis unit but use it in tandem with another. Dependent upon configuration, you will need to decide how this unit isto be played. I use the Hybrid for mostof my lists and I play that rather defensively.

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I will keep the Eternal Guard held back while augmenting units likeTreekin or Wild Riders until I am able to augment my Eternal Guard in closecombat. This unit is able to weatherabuse provide you have a Lore of Life caster that is able to bring back modelsyou suffer from combat/shooting/magic. Thebenefits to using Eternal Guard in this fashion is that not only do I have aunit with ranks in the army but it also it draws the attention of my opponentoff the other units in my army. It also helps to provide a little variety toyour army lists so that you are not fielding 5 units of Glade Guard that willultimately get overrun when your opponent marches across the field. You will also need to makeyour list work around the Eternal Guard. Many Wood Elf players prefer fielding a Spellweaver and a TreemanAncient at higher point levels. Thismeans that a lot of the synergy and effectiveness of the Eternal Guard is compromisedand also they lose their Core choice option.

I do not recommend fielding Eternal Guard unless they are able to notonly be augmented appropriately but given the appropriate unit support aswell. The unit is able to function onits own but it will not be as effective as it would be if it were being used inconjunction with another or had characters residing within it. I mean the very nature of the unit’s specialrules show that characters are supposed to be in this unit to provide it withStubborn.In closing, the EternalGuard unit is a great unit for the Wood Elf army. It is an elite close combat unit thatprovides you with much needed banners, ranks and numbers to weather the everincreasing model counts that are seen on the table.

I hope this article has provided you withsome ideas as to how to field and configure your Eternal Guard for play. I am new to the world of fantasy I always played 40k.

My friends all tried to talk me out of doing a wood elf army, they would say the suck and are weak, but I think they are wrong. I have seen other armies in action and they all seem great, but I like to use tactics and win not just bull rush the other army and run though them. I like to methodically rip an army apart and I know wood elves can do this. I found you to be the most knowledgeable person I could find and you seem to know you stuff, so with that in mind I humble myself before you and ask for advice for a beginner and where do I start?