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Game Boy AdvanceWWE Survivor Series is a video game released on the Game Boy Advance handheld console by THQ, based on (WWE's) annual of the. This game was the sequel of.With it being two years since the last WWE GBA game, the roster was vastly different from previous one and included 8 and 8 wrestlers. The story mode was changed to accompany the from 2002, meaning the player could choose a particular brand to get to the top before switching brands to conquer another brand.

The story mode was also changed in that winning matches wasn't necessarily the main aim. Instead, the aim was to give out a good match and make matches less one-sided.Various match are included types in exhibition mode, such as one on one, submission (single & ), over the top rope, 3- and 4-way matches, 3 on 3, cage, hardcore, custom, tournament, and iron man.A lot of people saw this game as a disappointment due to its lack of any real significant changes from Road to WrestleMania X8. Along with this was the lack of one of the more popular features from its predecessor, the Shopzone, in which winning particular modes with particular wrestlers would unlock a piece of merchandise in the Shopzone. A major problem this game also had was that many considered it highly inferior compared to another wrestling game on the Game Boy Advance, Fire Pro Wrestling, which had features that console wrestling games had such as a Create-a-Wrestler mode.RosterWWE Survivor Series featured wrestlers that were employed by WWE at the time of release:.List of Computer and video games based on Original series SmackDown!

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