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XCOM 2 Errors are currently being reported by a lot of players on the. A lot of them are complaining about the fact that the game is poorly optimized and that it has performance issues like Freezes and Low FPS.XCOM 2 is the sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and a new world order now exists on Earth. After years of lurking in the shadows, XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation.The most common XCOM 2 issues that users mostly complained about are: Crashes, random crashes or crashes during the startup, Game Not Starting and Performance Issues like Stuttering, Freezes, and problems with the FPS. Below you can find these issues described and also at the end of the post a tutorial on how to fix them. Read below to fix the XCOM 2 errors:1) XCOM 2 Crashes, one the most common crash in the game is the crash during the startup or, from time to time, you might encounter random crashes while playing Xcom.

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You can fix both of these crashes by following our solution below and applying our workarounds.“I pre-ordered and also pre-load the game. However, it’s been crashing on startup. Never got into the game once. Every time I press play on the launcher, the game just crashes and says XCOM2 has stopped working. When I tried to verify integrity, it keeps saying 2 files failed to validate and will be reacquired.

However, once it was download, I will start the launcher only to crash on startup. Then when I tried to verify the integrity the second time, the 2 file is missing again. It feels like starting up the game destroy the two files. I am running out of solution and can’t find any help on the forum or support.


Can anyone please help me? Can anyone provide me with XCOM support team email address where I might be able to get help? Thank you so much!”Solution: To fix the game crashes follow the tutorial at the end of the post on how to fix the major issues of the game. Go to the end of the post for more details!Also, you can apply the workarounds below. Install from the game folder: Head to your library Right click XCOM2 Local Files Browse Local Files CommonRedist DotNet 4.5.1 NDP451-KB2872776-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe Restart your PC.

Install via Add/Remove Features: System Control Add / Remove Features Install Microsoft Frameworks2) XCOM 2 No Save Location, some players are unable to save the game or when they try to load it they are getting an error that the save file is corrupt. There a few solution to fix this issue, you will find all of them below. Apply each solution until your error is fixed!“My game won’t load save files. I’m aware of this being a problem in Xcom. When I play Xcom2 I can save a game and it tells me it’s been saved but when I try to load that save file it tells me the file is corrupt.

Windows is installed on an SSD and the game is installed on an HDD.Documents are also moved to the HDD. I think this is relevant information based on the problem with Xcom.

Anyone have any idea what I can do?”Solution 1:1) Manually create the XCOM2 Save location in your My Documents: DocumentsMy GamesXCOM2XComGameSaveData2) Make sure the user has full control over the XCOM folderSolution 2:The XCOM 2 saves are not in the normal XCOM: EU folder, all your saves are in “DocumentsMy GamesXCOM2XComGameSaveData”.3) XCOM 2 Not Starting, you might be unable to start the game, some players are encountering some code errors when they try to start the game and for some the game freezes at the intro. To fix this issue you will need to apply our solution, you can find it below after the issue complaints.“I’ll start the game up and it’ll get into the company splash logos, but after that, it won’t respond, I can’t tab out, and nothing but what I assume is the background to the title screen will show. After that, all I can do is restart my computer.”“XCOM 2 won’t start. Verified integrity of game files, Re-installed couple of times, Disabled anti-virus(avast), Changed language options, and Cleaning up graphics driver and fresh new install won’t help either. Does anyone having similar issues?”Solution: To fix this issue you need to apply our patch to the game, it will optimize it and after that you will be able to start and play.

Check the tutorial at the end of the post for more details on how to fix the major issues of the game.4) XCOM 2 Performance Issues, a lot of players are encountering XCOM 2 Freezes and some of them have problems with the FPS like Low FPS and FPS Drops, also, a few of them encounter Stuttering during the game or during the cut scenes. To fix the performance issues of the game follow the quick solution below and you will be playing the game with constant FPS in just a few minutes!“Anyone experiencing low fps? I running anywhere from 25-36 FPS on the game and I’m pretty sure my GTX850M is much more capable than that O.o.”“I was getting 45-50fps during the tutorial mission but now that I’m back in my ship I’m getting 3-5fps.

What’s going on?”The game randomly fails on start-up and when it does succeed, I get either a few minutes or maybe half an hour before it crashes and I need to restart my PC before it will play again. Rather frustrating. I have a GTX 970, i7-4790k and 16GB of RAM and judging by the performance when the game does play, I don’t think my system is the issue.”Quick Solutions: You can quickly fix the performance issues of the game by applying our patch, follow the tutorial below to see how to do that!. Apply the following workaround too: Try to turn down your AA to FXAA you hardly notice the difference and it runs much MUCH smoother. Also, follow this guide to optimize your video settings for quality and performance.XCOM 2 Tutorial To Fix Major Issues:Our team of developers managed to release a patch that helps you fix the errors described above. You can see how our patch looks like below, where you can also find a tutorial on how to use it and a download link.

Please follow the tutorial step by step before asking any questions regarding your issues. I cannot get into the game either. Here are the exact steps and things that occur:1) I navigate to my library and double click on XCOM 2.2) The launch screen shows and I click on the “Play” button3) Almost immediately I get a “XCOM 2 has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution” window followed by the “A problem caused th program to stop” window that means it didn’t find a solution with a close program button which I click.4) Immediately after I click close program a steam window pops up saying “Completing installation”. That window goes to 1% and then crashes out giving a new window with the message, “The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for XCOM 2.

Error Code (41)”. I’ve been experiencing a strange issue. It started on the second tutorial mission (Power converter). When I threw a grenade, the game would freeze. I’d have to force it to close.

However, when trying to start it again it would freeze just after the splash logos as it tried to load the main screen. I’d have to verify the integrity of my game cache and it would then download something. I lowered my graphics settings and that seemed to help. However, after two missions I had the same issue though it happened when an enemy was taking an overwatch shot. Again it would not load the main menu.

Running a Ge-Force GTX 760 with AMD 6 core processor alongside 16gb ram.